The Way Back

80 min. | Portuguese, English | Brazil, 2015

Andre is Brazilian, he's 45 years old and lives in London (England) for 20 years. Maria do Socorro is also Brazilian, she's 87 years old and lives in New Jersey (USA) for 25 years. Both cherish the desire of returning to live in Brazil, but the country that they left is no longer the same. Neither they are the same ones that left. The return path is tortuous and uncertain. No man ever steps in the same river twice.



*Official Competition It´s all True 2015.

With André Câmara e Maria do Socorro




Directors: José Joffily and Pedro Rossi

Executive Producer: Isabel Joffily

Editor: Jordana Berg

Sound Editor: João Jabace

Sound Mixer: François Wolf (FW Estúdio)

Post-Production: Afinal Filmes