Lost and Found

100 min.   |   Portuguese   |   Brazil, 2007

Vieira, a retired police precinct chief, is the main suspect in the murder of his lover, Magali. His situation gets worse when Monteiro, a former police colleague, blackmails Vieira and brings back memories of a past filled with death. Just as the world threatens to fall down on Vieira, he meets Flor, a beautiful and seductive young woman who is his last chance at happiness. But in the streets of Copacabana’s underworld, the fate of the characters takes an unexpected direction, leading to a surprising conclusion.



*Academia Brasileira de Letras: Best Adapted Screenplay;

*Miami Brazilian Festival: Best Film and Best Actress;

*Beverlly Hills Film Festival: Best Film;

*Festival Internacional du Film Latino Americain (França): "Coup de Coeur du Jury" Award;


*Competitive Show in Rio's Film Festival



Antônio Fagundes as Vieira

Zezé Polessa as Magali

Juliana Knust as Flor

Genésio de Barros

Malu Galli

Ricardo Blat




Director: José Joffily

Screenplay: Paulo Halm

Executive Producer: Heloísa Rezende

Cinematographer: Nonato Estrela

Production Designer: Cláudio Amaral Peixoto

Costume Designer: Ellen Millet

Editor: Eduardo Escorel

Sound Designers: Miriam Biderman e Ricardo Reis

Theme Song: Arnaldo Antunes