Two Lost in a Dirty Night

86 min.   |   Portuguese, English   |   Brazil, 2019

Paco and Tonho are illegal Brazilian immigrants in New York. Shy Tonho dreams of being successful, but misses his family and Brazil. Pursued by Immigration Service and later arrested, he is about to be deported. Paco, a rapper and performer, indifferent to all except her career, dreams of hitting the top ten chart. The film shows the relationship of the couple in love mid hope, difficulties, and misencounters in a beautiful and violent metropolis.




*Brasília Film Festival: Best Director, Best Actress e Best Screenplay;


*Brazilian Cinema Great Award: Best Actress;


*Gramado Film Festival: Best Film Editing and Best Sountrack;


*Cine PE: Best Cinematography and Best Costume Design;


*Festival de Biarritz: 18º Festival de Cine de Mar del Plata; Festival de Lyon; Toulouse Film Festival e 5º Festival de Cinema Brasileiro em Paris.



Roberto Bomtempo as Tonho

Débora Falabella as Paco




Director: José Joffily

Screenplay: Paulo Halm

Executive Producer: Alvarina de Souza Lima

Cinematographer: Nonato Estrela

Production Designer: Cláudio Amaral Peixoto

Costume Designer: Ellen Millet

Editor: Eduardo Escorel

Soundtrack: David Tygel